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After 10 years of writing the internationally-read dating advice column And That's Why You're Single, I decided to switch gears. Despite being considered a "dating expert" by some, I struggled romantically, largely due to childhood trauma.


As I delved deeper into my own recovery, I grew passionate about educating people on the emotional and relational effects of trauma. I received certification through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching in August of 2019.


For over a decade, I have owned and operated, a niche event planning business that develops specialty networking events, activities and classes for NYC and Boston professionals.

In 2018, I became a co-host for the podcast Womenology. Episodes discuss pop culture, dating, mental health and women's media.

In my spare time I practice yoga and perform HIIT interval training. I'm a Dog Mama to Luca, a Pitt/Terrier mix. She joins her brother Ignazio, a long-haired black cat adopted from the ASPCA, and Nunzio, another rescue cat. I also walk dogs part-time and hope to apply my training in PSTSD & Trauma Recovery to dogs who have been abused, abandoned or suffer from anxiety or aggression issues.